Highway 410 to Mount Rainier at the junction of State 123.

The mountain roads often use a river valley, and here you follow a river closely as you gain altitude.

Eventually you come out of the woods and continue along the side of a mountain.

As you near the top, you can look back to here you've been. You can see the road as the line on the left of the canyon, about half way up.

As you leave the above look out you quickly reach this spot. Mt. Rainier is visible above the lake. When you go around the lake towards Mt. Rainier you reach the turn at State Rd. 123. Go left to Packwood. If you want to visit the Park, you will pass an entrance that takes you to Paridise. If you'd rather go to the Sunrise entrance, keep on Highway 410 going north towards Puyallup. (This photo was taken during the summer of 1997 and yes the white stuff is snow.)

Photos and text ©Roger J. Smith, 1997.

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