The History of
The Catholic People
on the
Upper Cowlitz River.
Mary (Kelly) Ray
Father Roger Agostinelli
Father Victor A. Cloquet

The History of Sacred Heart Catholic Church
in Morton, Washington, and Eastern Lewis County,
including the St. Yves Mission and the Packwood Catholic Community.
Sacred Heart Church, Morton, WA
St. Yves Mission History
St. Yves History from 1964-83.
The Packwood Catholic Community
The Founding and Renewal of St. Yves by Joe Hadaller - Logging Images

Celebrating mass at a pioneer Church, Lilliam Wright's recollection.

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The Cowlitz Tribe (part of the Center for Indigenous Studies Home Page)- Lewis County Resources - Lewis County Genealogical Society - History of the Towns of Lewis County. Economic History of Lewis County. Short history of Lewis County. the history of Packwood can be found at Touring Packwood. Also, check the Local Catholic Church Hisotry and Genealogy Guide for more in other locations.

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Photos in the parish history are attributed to Loren Lane.
Rousseau's drawing of St. Yves and the drawing of both Sacred Heart churches is in the original parish history.
The drawing of St. Hillary is as it appears in the Parish History.
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The photo of the old Sacred Heart is owned by Mary Ray.
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The photos of the burning of the mortgage are by Loren Lane, and are in the original history.
The photo of the dedication of St. Yves in 1914 is taken directly from the parish history.
The photo of old St. Yves's interior is by Loren Lane.
The photo of St. Yves in the 1980's is by Roger J. Smith, ©1997.
The photos of the burned out foundation, and the new St. Yves building and interior are by Roger J. Smith, ©1997.
Photos of St. Yves Cemetery are by Roger J. Smith, ©1997.
The photo of the Cowlitz River, at Randle, above is by Roger J. Smith, ©1997.
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