BOSCH, Hieronymous
Christ Carrying the Cross
Oil on panel.
from Mark Harden's Artchive.
First Station

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A good way to profit from this traditional devotion is through meditation. Specifically, use your imagination to be present as Christ walks to Calvary. See yourself as a participant, rather than merely an observer. You can even take the role of Christ in your meditation to feel and experience what he went through for us. You can use the images as a template to help you start your visualization. (For more on how to meditate see Meditation in our page on prayer.)

Each station has a traditional catholic image associated with it. These images are from Christ in His Church, by Rev. Henry Rutter, et al, Dewing and Co., San Francisco, around 1875. Fine art images are from various sources, and are used only for religious and educational purposes. No other purpose is intended or permitted.
The Durer images are from The Cmplete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer, Dover Publ., and used in conformity with the grant of copywrite.
Use the grid below to jump to a specific station.
First Station Jesus is condemned.

Second Station Jesus takes up his cross.

Third Station Jesus falls 1st time.

Fourth Station Jesus meets Mary.

Fifth Station Simon Helps

Sixth Station Veronica

Seventh Station Jesus falls 2nd time

Eighth Station Jesus speaks to the women.

Ninth Station Jesus falls a 3rd time.

Tenth Station Jesus is stripped.

Eleventh Station Jesus nailed to cross.

Twelvth Station Jesus dies on the Cross.

Thirteenth Station Jesus taken down.

Fourteenth Station Jesus placed in tomb.

Other examples of the Stations of the Cross can be found at Resources for Christian Educators.
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