Prayer in honor of the passion of our Savior

O GOD, who for the world's redemption was pleased to be born... rejected by the Jews, betrayed by the kiss of the traitor Judas, bound with chains, led like an innocent lamb to sacrifice, and shamefully presented before Annas, Caiphas, Pilate, and Herod, accused by false Witnesses, beaten with Whips, buffeted, insulted, spit upon, crowned with thorns, smitten with a reed, blindfolded, stripped of Thy garments, fastened with nails to the cross, and lifted up on high, reputed among thieves, and made to drink gall and vinegar, and Wounded by a lance; oh, by these most sacred sufferings, which, unworthy as I am, I thus commemorate, and by Thy holy cross and death, deliver me, Lord, from the pains of hell, and deign to lead me where Thou did lead the penitent thief, who was crucified by Thy side; Thou who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, lives and reigns world without end. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father, etc., five times. (Indugenced by Pope Pius VII.)

We adore thee, O Christ, and we bless thee;
because by Thy holy cross thou has redeemed the world.

Seven Offerings of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

(Christ's blood was offered by Him on the Cross for our redemption. We participate in His sacrifice, adopt it, and join our own sacrifices it to by our participation in the Eucharist.)

I. ETERNAL Father! I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy well beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for my dear Mother, the holy Church, that she may grow and be [respected] among all the nations of the earth; for the safety and well-being of her visible head, the sovereign Roman Pontiff; for the cardinals, bishops, and pastors of souls, and for all the ministers of Thy sanctuary.

Then say the "Glory be to the Father," and the ejaculation, " Blessing and thanksgiving be to Jesus, Who with His blood hath saved us!"

II. Eternal Father! I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy well-beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for peace and union among all [nations], for the [defeat] of the enemies of the Faith, and for the welfare of all Christian people.

"Glory he to the Father," and, "Blessing and thanksgiving," etc.

III. Eternal Father! I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy well-beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for the [conversion] of unbelievers, for an [end to separation among Christians], and for the [repentance] of sinners.

Glory be to the Father," and, " Blessing and thanksgiving," etc.

IV. Eternal Father! I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy well-beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for all my kindred, friends, and enemies; for the poor, the sick, and wretched, and for all for whom Thou, my God, know that I ought to pray, or would have me pray.

"Glory he to the Father," and, "Blessing and thanksgiving," etc.

V. Eternal Father! I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy weIl-beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for all who, this day, are passing to the other life; that Thou would save them from the pains of hell, and admit them quickly to the possession of Thy glory.

"Glory be to the Father," and, "Blessing and thankgiving," etc.

VI. Eternal Father I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy well-beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for all those who love this great treasure [of your sacrifice], for those who join with me in adoring it and honoring it, and who strive to spread devotion to it.

"Glory he to the Father," and, "Blessing and thanksgiving," etc.

VII. Eternal Father! I offer Thee the merit of the precious blood of Jesus, Thy well-beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for all my wants, spiritual and temporal, in aid of the holy souls in purgatory, and chiefly for those who most loved this precious blood, the price of our redemption, and who were most devout to the sorrows and pains of most holy Mary, our dear Mother.

"Glory be to the Father," and, "Blessing and thanksgiving," etc.

Glory be to the blood of Jesus, now and forever, and throughout all ages. Amen. (Indulgence Pius VII, Sept. 22, 1817.)

Eternal Father, I offer you the precious blood of Jesus in satisfaction for my sins,

and for the [benefit] of the Church.

Prayer: O Most Compassionate Jesus

O Most compassionate Jesus! Thou alone art our salvation, our life, and our resurrection. We implore Thee, therefore, do not forsake us in our needs and afflictions, but, by the agony of Thy most sacred Heart, and by the sorrows of Thy immaculate Mother, help Thy servants whom you have redeemed by Thy most precious blood. (Indulgence Pius IX, Oct. 6, 1870.)

Jesus, my God, I love you above all things.

Prayer: Divine Jesus

DIVINE Jesus, incarnate Son of God, Who for our salvation did[choose] to be born in a stable, to pass Thy life in poverty, trials, and misery, and to die amid the sufferings of the cross, I entreat Thee, say to Thy divine Father at the hour of my death: Father, forgive him; say to Thy beloved Mother: Behold thy son; say to my soul: This day thou shall be with Me in paradise. My God, my God, forsake me not in that hour. I thirst; yes, my God, my soul thirsts after Thee, Who art the fountain of living waters. My life passes like a shadow; yet a little while, and all will he consummated. Wherefore, O my adorable Savior, from this moment, for all eternity, into Thy hands J commend my spirit. Lord Jesus, receive my soul. Amen.

(His Holiness, Pope Pius IX, by a decree of the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences, June 10, 1856, confirmed an indulgence if recited with contrite heart and devotion.)

Prayer for Greater Love of Jesus

MY Jesus, You know well that I love Thee; but I do not love Thee enough; O grant that I may love Thee more. O love that burns ever and never fails, my God, Thou Who art charity itself, enkindle in my heart that divine fire which consumes the saints and transforms them into Thee. Amen.

(His Holiness, Leo XIII, by a rescript of the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences, Feb. 6, 1893, granted an indulgence to the faithful who recite the above prayer twice a day.)


GRANT us, Lord Jesus, always to follow the example of Thy holy family, that at the hour of our death Thy glorious Virgin Mother with blessed Joseph may come to meet us, and so we may deserve to be received by Thee into Thy everlasting dwelling place. (Indulgence granted by Leo XIII.)

A Novena in Honor of the Name of Jesus.

(A novena is the repetition of prayers over nine consecutive days.
In this case it would be family or group prayer.)

O MERCIFUL Jesus, Who did in Thy early infancy commence Thy office of Savior by shedding Thy precious blood*, and assuming for us that name which is above all names; we thank Thee for such early proofs of Thy infinite love. We venerate Thy sacred name, in union with the profound respect of the angel who first announced it to the earth, and unite our affections to the sentiments of tender devotion which the adorable name of Jesus has in all ages enkindled in the hearts of Thy saints. Animated with a firm faith in Thy unerring word, and penetrated with confidence in Thy mercy, we now most humbly remind Thee of the promise Thou has made, that where two or three should assemble in Thy name, you yourself would be in the midst of them, Come, then, into the midst of us, most amiable Jesus, for it is in Thy sacred name we are here assembled; come into our hearts, that we may he governed by Thy holy spirit; mercifully grant us, through that adorable name, which is the joy of heaven the terror of hell, the consolation of the afflicted, and the solid ground of our unlimited confidence, all the petitions we make in this novena.

Oh blessed Mother of our Redeemer who did participate so sensibly in the sufferings of thy dear Son when he shed His sacred blood and assumed for us the name of Jesus, obtain for us, through that adorable name, the favors we petition in this novena. Beg also, that the most ardent love may imprint on our hearts that sacred name, that it may be always in our minds and frequently on our lips; that it may be our defense and our refuge in the temptations and trials of life, and our consolation and support in the hour of death. Amen.

* Jesus' circumcision. This would be painful and thus part of the sacrifice the second person of the Trinity made in becoming human to save us, and his sacrifice of being obedient to the law. " In Jewish religious tradition, infant male circumcision is required as part of Abraham's covenant with God. According to the Levitical law, every Jewish male infant must be circumcised on the eighth day after birth." Encarta® 98 Desk Encyclopedia © & 1996-97 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Indulgenced Invocations

My Jesus, mercy!

My sweetest Jesus, be not my judge, but my Saviour.

Jesus, my God, I love Thee above all things.

Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! (Luke xviii. 38.)

Prayer to the Infant Jesus

O Jesus, my Savior who did honor St. Anthony by appearing in the form of an infant, I implore Thee, through the love Thou did bear to this saint when he dwelt on earth, and which Thou now give to him in heaven, graciously hear my prayer, and assist me in my necessities. He who lives and reigns, world without end. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary; Glory, etc. St. Anthony, pray for us.

Petitions in Honor of the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


GOOD Jesus! Word of the Eternal Father, convert me!
O good Jesus! Son of Mary, make me her child!
O good Jesus! my Master, teach me!
O good Jesus! Prince of peace, give me peace!
O good Jesus! my Refuge, receive me!
O good Jesus! my Pastor, feed my soul!
O good Jesus! Model of patience, comfort me!
O good Jesus! meek and humble of Heart, help me to become like to Thee!
O good Jesus! my Redeemer, save me!
O good Jesus! my God and my All, possess me!
O good Jesus! the true Way, direct me!
O good Jesus! eternal Truth, instruct me
O good Jesus! Life of the blessed, make me live in Thee!
O good Jesus! my Support, strengthen me!
O good Jesus! my Justice, justify me!
O good Jesus! my Mediator, reconcile me to Thy Father!
O good Jesus! Physician of my soul, heal me!
O good Jesus! my Judge, absolve me!
O good Jesus! my King, govern me!
O good Jesus! my Sanctification, sanctify me!
O good Jesus! Abyss of goodness, pardon me!
O good Jesus! living Bread from heaven, satiate me!
O good Jesus! the Father of the prodigal, receive me!
O good Jesus! Joy of my soul, refresh me!
O good Jesus! my Helper, assist me!
O good Jesus! Magnet of love, attract me!
O good Jesus! my Protector, defend me!
O good Jesus! my Hope, sustain me!
O good Jesus! Object of my love, make me love Thee!
O good Jesus! Fountain of life, cleanse me!
O good Jesus! my Propitiation, purify me!
O good Jesus, my last End, let me obtain Thee!
O good Jesus! my Glory, glorify me. Amen

Jesus, hear my prayer!

Jesus, graciously hear me.

Let us pray

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who has said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" mercifully attend to our supplication, and grant us the gift of Thy divine charity, that we may ever love Thee with our whole heart, and never desist from Thy praise: who lives and reigns one God, world without end. Amen.

O God, Who did appoint your only begotten Son savior of mankind, and did command that He should be called Jesus; mercifully grant that we may enjoy the vision of Him in heaven, Whose holy name we venerate on earth. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer in Honor of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Jesus! 0 name of Jesus! sweet name! delightful name! consoling name! for what else is Jesus than Savior ! Therefore, 0 Jesus, for Thy Sweet name's sake... save me. Suffer me not to be eternally lost. 0 good Jesus let not my iniquities destroy me. 0 sweet Jesus! recognize in me what is yours, and efface all that is not yours. 0 sweet Jesus! show mercy now in the time of mercy, and condemn me not in the day of justice. What profit to Thy precious blood, or what honor will my destruction give Thy holy name, 0 Jesus! "The dead shall not praise Thee, 0 Lord Jesus! nor all they that go down to hell." Most amiable Jesus! most meek, most loving Jesus! admit me to the number of Thy elect.

O Jesus, salvation of those who believe in Thee! comfort of those who fly to Thee! 0 Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary, and Son of God, give me grace, wisdom, charity, purity, and humility, that I may love Thee perfectly, praise Thee, enjoy Thee, serve Thee, and be glorified in Thee, with all those who call upon Thy holy name, Jesus. Amen.

(Ed. note: the exclamation marks are part of the original. I've done some adjusting to the language but you can see with the use of these marks that the author wants us to take note, to think, and to emphasize each phrase so marked.)

F.X.Lasance, My Prayer Book, Benziger Brothers (1908) pp.525-535.

The sketch by Rembrandt of Jesus' Crucifixion is found in Rembrandt, Des Meisters Radierungen in 402 Abbildungen, Herausgegeben von Hans Wolfgang Singer, 1906.

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