The links given below are to the Douay Rheims version. You may wish to compair this translation with the New American which is much more recent. (Remember that the old Catholic and Protestant numbering systems were different. If you look in the NAB or a Protestant bible, add one to the number below after 10. See the first footnote to Ps. 9 in the NIV.)

Are you depressed?
Read Psalm 41

Are you in need of consolation?
Read Canticle of Jeremias. (Jer. 17:7-8 NAB)

Are you the victim of ingratitude?
Read Psalm 108

Are you discouraged?
Read Psalm 10

Are you falsely accused?
Read Psalm 7

Are you afraid of storms?
Read Psalm 28

Are you in trouble?
Read PsaIm 33

Are you tempted?
Read Psalm 55

Are you impatient?
Read PsaIm 30

Are you proud?
Read PsaIm 35

Are you wanting in confidence?
Read Psalm 26

Are you envious?
Read Psalm 36

From My Daily Psalm Book, Arranged by Father Joseph Frey, Confraturnity of the Precious Blood (1947) p.x. These page is from a book of 360 pages and is used in reliance on the Fair Use Doctrine, 17 U.S.C. 107. These pages are intended for religious and educational use only. No other use is intended or permitted.

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Scriptural Maxims, Spiritual Food
Prayers to Honor the Savior,and Litany of the Passion,
Prayer for Travelers, and Prayer for a Happy Death
Pope Clement XI's Universal Prayer, Invocations - Short Prayers,
and the Litany of the Name of Jesus.
Art as a Source of Meditation.