The Cathedral in 1908.

St. James Cathedral

Parish estabished in 1904.


This is how St. James appeared in a postcard mailed on May 24, 1908 from Seattle to Portland, OR.

("Dear Aunt Emy: Wish you were here, am having a very nice time. Dot.") (The postage was only one cent.)


You will notice that the dome is gone. It collapsed under snow and was not replaced.


St. James Cathedral today,

and inside.

This photo was taken during the noon mass.

You can also see where the cathedral is relative to the waterfront. Look in the middle next to the tall dark building, the Columbia Tower, then compare with the 1908 photo.

Address: 804 - 9th Ave., Seattle, WA. 98104
Phone (206) 622-3559 FAX: (206) 622-5303
Pastor: Very Rev. Michael G. Ryan

St. James now has its own official web site.

Photos of St. James Cathedral today are by Rev. Roger J. Smith. They were taken on Sept. 19, 1997. All rights reserved.

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