Burned church foundation 1989.

The Old St. Yves Mission Church

Regrettably the Pioneer church that had stood on this site since 1914 burned to the ground in 1989. In the photo on your left you can see the ramp and handrail that let to the door. The fire started in the furnace room and by the time it was noticed, and the firemen arrived, it had broken through the floor and the roof. Everything was lost except a sugar bowl and the church bell. It was a long difficult period for the St. Yves community. We celebrated mass in the Grange Hall at Silver Creek for four years until we could finally rebuild. The new St. Yves Church is pictured below. Click on the photo to the left to see another view of the damage.


The New St. Yves Mission Church


St. Yves before the hall was built.

This is the new St. Yves Church built after the fire destroyed the original. It was dedicated by Archbishop Thomas Murphy in 1993. (Roger J. Smith, ©1997).


Construction on a new hall was begun in September of 2002, and dedicated by Archbishop Burnett on March 9, 2003.


Interior of the new St. Yves Church building. (Roger J. Smith, ©1997).

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