Luke 9:49-50


Luke 9:49 DR: "Master, we saw a certain man casting out devils in thy name: and we forbade him, because he followes not with us. And Jesus said to him: Forbid him not: for he that is not against you is for you. "


This passage can obviously be used to justify ecumenical cooperation, but a little reflection can reveal the extent of coperation with any person or group. The demons of the bible are those who inflict harm on people. For example, a demon caused someone to be unable to speak or communicate (Luke 11:14), to be blind (Matthew 12:22), have seizures (Matt 17:15), to be violent (Matthew 8:28), and engage in antisocial behavior (Luke 8:27-29).

Therefore if we have the chance to work with someone who is not catholic or even not christian to heal the sick, help those with emotional disorders, or curb violence, then we should cooperate to accomplish these good things. [There should be "collaboration among Christians in various areas of service to mankind. "Human service" is the idiomatic phrase." CCC 821.]

Speaking on the issue of refugees the church states: "Cooperation among the various Christian Churches and the various non- Christian religions in this charitable work will lead to new advances in the search for and the implementation of a deeper unity of the human family...
The Church, "a sign and instrument of communion with God and of unity among all men,"(20) accepts the call to build a civilization of love and commits herself to bringing it about through her various internal structures, her initiatives of service, and of ecumenical and inter-religious cooperation. She offers a disinterested love to all refugees, calls public attention to their situation, and contributes with her ethical and religious vision to restore and uphold the dignity of every human person." REFUGEES: A CHALLENGE TO SOLIDARITY. See also Human Solidarity in the Catechism.