Sighs of Love Towards God




Lord, who am I, that You have loved me so much, and that You should so much desire to be loved by me?

O my God, worthy of infinite love! I love You, or rather, I should say, I love You not.

I love You above all things; more than my life, more than myself; but still I see that I love You too little.

O King of Heaven! make Thyself also King of my heart, possess me entirely.




I leave all, and turn to You. I embrace You, I press You to my soul; despise me not, immeasurable good; I love You.

Now that You have united me to You, O my Jesus, how can I see myself separated from You? I love You, and will never cease to love You.

Unite Thyself to me, Lord; let not the corruption of my sins drive You away from me.




O God, O God! whom shall I love, if I love not You, my life, my love, my all?

Chosen among thousands. My God, You only, You alone do I choose for my love.

My Redeemer, I desire no other but You.

Oh that I might be wholly consumed for You, who was entirely consumed for me!

Take possession, Lord, of my whole will, and do with me what You please.




O God not known! O God not loved! he is a fool that loves You not.

O my God! when I sinned I well knew that I was greatly displeasing You: have I done so? could I do so?

If I had died then, I should no longer have been able to love You. Now that I can, I will love You.

Lord, after having given me so many graces, permit me not to betray You again. Let me sooner die.

You have borne with me, that I might love You. Yes, I will love You.

My God, You have conquered me; I will withstand You no longer, I surrender myself to You.



O God! how many years have I not lost when I might have been loving You!

I consecrate to You, my God, the remainder of my life; and who can tell how long it may be?




What are riches? what are honors? what are pleasures? God, God, I desire God alone.

O King of hearts, reign in my heart. Ah, draw me all to You!

Bind me, O God, to You, in such a way that I shall never be able to loose myself from You.

You wilt not leave me, I will not leave You. Then we shall always love each other, O my God, O my God.



Ah, make me all Yours before I die, my Jesus, my love, my life, my treasure, my all.

Ah, my Jesus and my judge, the first time I see You may it be with a propitious countenance!

When shall T be able to say, "My God, my God, I cannot lose You any more

When, Lord, shall I see You as You art, and contemplate You face to face for all eternity with my whole strength?

Ah, my Infinite Good, as long as I live, then, do I stand in danger of losing You.

My Jesus, what have You not done to oblige me to love You? Yes, I will love You. I love You, I love You, I love You.




O Eternal Father! for the love of Jesus give me Your love.

Permit one of the most ungrateful creatures that have ever lived on the earth to love You.

My God, I will love You exceedingly in this life, that I may love You exceedingly in the next.




O my Jesus! You have given Thyself all to me; I will give myself all to You.

What greater pleasure can I have than to please You, my God?

My beloved Jesus, I desire to love You as much as I have offended You.




I love You, Infinite Goodness; make me know the great good that I love.

My Jesus, You art the vine, I am one of Your branches; keep me always united to You; never let me detach myself from You.

O my God, how much do I rejoice in that You art infinitely happy!



Ah, Lord, where art You? Art You with me or not? Am I in Your grace or not? You know that I love You, I love You; I love You more than myself.

Give me, my Jesus, that love which You require of me.

Oh that I had always loved You

Oh, if I did but love You, my God, if I did but love You ! I love You, but I love You too little.

Help me, Lord, to love You much, and to overcome all things to please You.




I give You my will. I desire nothing but that which You desire.

I seek not consolations from You; I desire only to please You, my God, my love, my all.

O infinite God! I am not worthy to love You; suffer me to love You.

I hope to love You forever, O Eternal God!

O my dear Jesus! You have suffered so much for me; I desire to suffer for You as much as it shall please You.

O God of my soul! I can trust myself no longer to live without loving You.

O will of God, You art all my love.




O Omnipotent God! make me a saint.

It will be for Your glory, Lord, to make one who was Yours enemy become Your loving servant.

You did seek me, my God, while I was yet flying from You; You wilt not discard me now that I seek You.

My most loving Jesus, in order to pardon me You have not pardoned Thyself.

I thank You for giving me time to love You. Yes, my God, I love You, I love You, I love You, and I will always love You.

O God worthy of infinite love, may I this day be entirely converted to You, my love, my all!

Chastise me as You wilt ; but deprive me not of the power of loving You.




Divine Father, You have given me Your Son; I, a miserable creature, give myself to You. Accept me, for pity's sake.

I desire, Lord, to make up for the offenses I have committed against You, by doing all that I can to please You.

I desire to love You, my God, without interest, without ceasing, and without reserve.




My Jesus, despised for me, may I be despised for You!

My tormented Jesus, grant that I may suffer for the love of You all the pains of this life.

I should wish, my Redeemer, to die for You, who did die for me.

I resolve this day to give myself all to You.

Oh that all would love You as You deserve!

Grant, Lord, that I may leave undone nothing which I know to he pleasing to You.

Happy shall I be if I lose all to gain You, my God, my all.

O Jesus! sacrificed for me, I sacrifice to You my whole will.

O my God! when shall I be all Yours?




Lord, what wilt You have me to do?' (Acts 9:6 DR)

I will sing forever the mercies of the Lord. (Ps 88:2 DR)

Who shall separate me from the love of Christ?' (Rom 8:35 DR)

O good Jesus! never permit me to be separated from You, never permit me to be separated from You.

"What have I in heaven? and, besides You, what do I desire upon earth? You art the God of my heart, and the God that is my portion forever." (Ps 72:25 DR)




"May I die for the love of Your love, who did deign to die for the love of my love!" (St. Francis of Assisi)

"My love is crucified."' (St. Pasch)

"Give me but Your love and Your grace, and I am rich enough."' (St. Ignatius Loyola)

"Let me die, Lord, that I may see You." (St. Augustine)




Ah, my Jesus, they who love You not do not know You!

I love Your pleasure, Lord, more than all the pleasures of the world.

My crucified Jesus, how is it that all are not captivated by You?

You have died for me; oh that I could die for You, my Jesus, my love, my treasure, my all!

Lord, what shall I render to You for all You have suffered for me?




Infinite Goodness, I esteem You above all things; I love You with all my heart; I give myself entirely to You. Accept my poor love, and give me more love. May I forget all, that I may remember only You, my love, my all

I would wish to love You worthily. Accept, O God, this my desire, and give me Your love!




I have offended You enough; now I desire to love You.

O God! O God! I am Yours, and You art mine.

May all be lost; but let not God be lost.

Let it cost what it will to gain God, he can never be dearly bought.

You alone, my Jesus, You alone art sufficient for me.




O Mary! look on me, and draw me all to God.

Most amiable mother, I love you exceedingly.

O Mother! give me confidence in you, and make me always to have recourse to you.

O Mary ! it is for you to save me. You can make me holy: this is my hope. Have pity on me. [Although salvation comes through Christ, Mary's prayers can help save us from the indifference and sin that would destroy us. See CCC 969.]

St. Alphonsus de Liguori, The Incarnation Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ, Rev Eugene Grimm Trans., Redemptorist Fathers Brooklyn Publishers (1927) pp. 427-433. Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hayes, 1927.

This material is presented for religious and educational purposes only. It appears as it is in the text of The Incarnation Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ except to replace archaic words and the comment in brackets.

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