Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary


Let all, all be devout to the most blessed Virgin; and, after God, let us honor the most holy Virgin.

Happy is the Christian who has the most blessed Virgin for him; and miserable is that Christian who has not the blessed Virgin on his side.

The most blessed Virgin can obtain everything from God, because she is his true Mother, and is so much beloved by him; and she will do everything for us, because she is our Mother also, and loves us so much.

Let us, therefore, always try to gain her friendship more and more; let us ingratiate ourselves with her more and more, by continually fostering in ourselves devotion towards her.

Every day let us say her Rosary.

Fast in her honor every Saturday.

Observe the novenas and the fast before all her principal feasts.

Practice some devotion also on all her smaller, even her smallest feasts.

And let us, besides, in all our necessities, in all our misfortunes, have recourse to her, have confidence in her; and through her security in life, security in death. security through all eternity.

It must he so; for do you know what takes place in heaven? The most blessed Virgin stands before her divine Son - Mater stat ante Filium - and she reminds him of the womb where he was enclosed for nine months, and the sacred breast at which she so often gave him suck. The Son places himself before his divine Father - Filius stat ante Patrem - and shows him his pierced side and those sacred wounds which he received for our sake - et ostendit Patri latus et vulnera. And at the sight of such sweet pledges of a Son's love, he can deny nothing to his divine Son, all is obtained for us: ibi nulla poterit esse repulsio, ubi sunt tot amoris insignia - there can be no refusal where there are so many signs of love. It is thus that St. Bernard, himself so devout to the ever-blessed Virgin, encourages us.

But since the most blessed Virgin is also the Mother of fair love, as well as being true Mother of God - Mater pulchre dilectionis - she obtains for us holy love; and through her means God himself fills our hearts with his holy love - ignem sui amoris aecendat Deus in cordibus nostris.

Live, Jesus our love, and Mary our hope!

St. Alphonsus de Liguori, The Incarnation Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ, Rev Eugene Grimm Trans., Redemptorist Fathers Brooklyn Publishers (1927) pp. 447-448. Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hayes, 1927.

This material is presented for religious and educational purposes only. It appears as it is in the text of The Incarnation Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ except to replace archaic words.

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