This is a complete list of all the pages on the Web which are maintained by the East Lewis County Catholic Community.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church and St. Yves Mission and The St. Gregory Station (Packwood)
This is the main parish page. It contains the sacramental information, vision statement, and a description of our communities.
Where we are, a description of the area and map.
St. Yves, the Mission's patron and patron of Lawyers
St. Gregory the Wonderworker, patron of the Packwood StationAppearance of Mary and John to Gregory
Views of the City of Morton, WA. - West on Main Street - Backstrom Park
Spring at the Bulb Farm

History of the East Lewis County Catholic Community

Sacred Heart Church, Morton, WA
Interior of the Church
St. Yves Mission History
Photos of the old St. Yves
The burned out church.
The New St. Yves Church
The Packwood Catholic Community
The Packwood Church
St. Yves from 1964-83, by Fr. Cloquet
The Founding and Renewal of St. Yves by Joe Hadaller
Historic Logging Images.
Lilliam Wright's recollection of the pioneer church mass at St. Yves.


East Lewis County Recreation
In our area we have volcanoes, Cascade Mountains and foothills, national forest, wilderness areas, lakes, rivers, camp grounds, skiing, hang gliding at Dog Mountain. So, you can do any kind of outdoor activity you find interesting: hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, riding, photography, birding, camping, or just looking.
Mt. Rainier National Park photographs from May 1997.
Vintage Post cards of Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park
Life in the Rain.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle
Cathedral of St. James, Seattle, WA.
Cathedral as seen from waterfront.
The South Sound Deanery - Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle
This is the Deanery to which the parish belongs. List of all parishes, mass times, phone numbers, addresses, and maps including one for each of the three deanery regions. Parish and Deanery location. Map.
Cascade Volcanoes: Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams Parish Volcanoes - links, photographs
Mt. Rainier various local photographs - These photos are by the pastor.
Mt. Adams photos by Roger Smith.
Mt. St. Helens North part of the Monument. This is a photo tour of one route to St. Helens.
Mt. St. Helens II, the drive on the 99 road.
Western Washington and Oregon Region of the Pacific Northwest - Regional links and photographs for those unfamiliar with our region.
Seattle Scenes - Puget Sound, the Olympics, Lake Union
Seattle Scenes Two - The Skyline from West Seattle.
Seattle Cam Views
Some scenes from Tacoma, WA. - photos by Roger Smith
Historic Images of Tacoma
The Yakima Road to the Parish
US 12
Chinook Pass
Historic Photos of the Columbia River Gorge.


Other pages for Catholics.

Catholic Belief - Links and a little advise.
Articles from the bulletin.
Pascal's Wager
The Catholic Ladder, a tool used by Fr. Blanchet in the Northwest to teach Indians the faith.
The Story of the Discovery of Christ's Cross
John Cardinal Newman on how our attitudes can make coming to faith easy or hard.
The Church of the Apostles
John Henry Newman on Apostolic Succession.
Our Work: Obedience according to Mother Seton
The Sacrifice of the Mass
The purposes or ends of the Mass
Attendance at Sunday Mass
A Martyr because of the sign of the Cross.
Some current teaching on war and peace.Legitimate DefenseAttack on Iraq
The Assumption of Mary by John Henry Newman
The Creed - A brief statement on the creed from the Anglican Communion with cross references to the Catholic Catechism.
The Text of the Apostle's and Nicene Creeds.
Nicene Creed with scriptural and Catechetical references.
The Athanasian Creed
Who is saved?
Some Elements of Basic Belief., a traditional pre-Vatican II formulation.
Original Sin
A Short History of Indulgences
Morals, repentance
An Examination of Conscience
Sin of Sodom & Adultery and Chastity
Gossip (Also backbiting, slander, detraction)
Gospel Morality: What the New Testament says.
Moral Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
Virtue - Grace - Chief Commandments, ie. to love - Christian self love
Our Work, Elizabeth Ann Seaton.  (obedience.)
Types of Sin - capitol Sins
Hell - traditional and current teaching.
Scripture on Hell
Devotions Before Confession - Fasting
Individual Confession: Rite of Reconciliation

Annulments: Grounds for Declaring a prior marriage null.

Holy Water
Traditional blessing of water and salt.
Incense - Church Bells - Vestments - Holy Oils - Candles - Ashes on Ash Wednesday
Sacred Scripture:
Matthew, Mark and Luke: Contents of these Gospels by section; text by link to Bible Gateway.
The Parables of Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus
Abraham's Story
Bible Passages on Mary, the Mother of God
Bible Passages on Prayer
Repent and believe the Good News.
Help the Poor: Scripture on Almsgiving
Bible Passages on Fasting.
A letter urging help for the poor.
Giving Alms Required
Catechism of the Council of Trent on Almsdeeds.
Scriptural Meditation on Death and last things
The Psalms: The Prayer Book of God.
A shorter introduction to the Psalms is from My Daily Psalm Book,
a Prayer Guide for the Psalms, part one, and part two.
Table of Psalms for Feasts and Seasons (Lutheran).
Luther: Praying the Psalms
A Blessing Psalter (from the Orthodox).
Mary, Mother of God
Our Lady Of Guadeloupe
Bible Passages on Mary, the Mother of God
Awaken to prayer: how to pray as a Catholic. An effort to provide information on prayer. This page provides links and text on methods of prayer, books, scripture on prayer, mindfulness and controlled breathing, meditation, contemplation, and how to get started. The following pages are supportive to this main page on prayer. Being Peace.
Material talking about prayer and spirituality
Spiritual Beginning - Care for the inner self.
Sayings of the Fathers - from the orthodox tradition.
Scriptural Maxims, Spiritual Food for thought - Some wisdom from a 1908 prayer book.
A description of traditional daily Catholic Prayers. An explanation of the Sign of the Cross.
Death and Heaven
Come into God's Presence
Prayer without Ceasing
Being devoted to God
A scriptural prayer to aid prayer.
St. John Chrysostom: Prayer of Longing.
Tertullian: Prayer can conquer God.
Abandonment (an excerpt) by de Cassade
Cardinal Newman's Short Road to Perfection.
The School of Prayer (from the Methodist Church)
Conference on Prayer by Abbot Columba Marmion  • Columba Marmion declared Blessed on Sept. 3, 2000.
Pray with the Saints
Why say Amen? and The Lord's Prayer by Martin Luther.
Prayer is from the heart. St. Augustine.
St. Alphonsus de Liguori

1. Acts that the Christian Should Perform Every Day.

2. Manner of Making Mental Prayer

3. Maxims for Attaining Perfection

4. Short Prayers of Love to Jesus Christ

5. Sighs of Love Towards God (16k)

6. Short Payers for major Feasts.

7. Devotion to Mary

8. Meditation on the Name of Jesus

9. Meditation on the feast of the name of Jesus.

10. Novena to the Holy Name of Jesus.

11. A Rule for Christian Life.

12. In all things intend to please God.

13. Admonitions to all who wish to be saved. (Necessity of Prayer.)

14. A prayer to grow in love of Jesus.

15. The Necessity of Prayer.

16. The Importance of Salvation.

A Short Catechism on Prayer

Prayer methods

The Rosary from Key of Heaven, explanation, added prayers. Rosary prayers in English and Latin.
Vocal Prayer
About short prayer, i.e. pius invocation or ejaculatory prayer.
The Value of Morning Prayer
Some Specific Prayers for Morning
Anglican Example of Morning Prayer
Additional Prayers
Goffine's Prayers for Morning.
The Value of Evening Prayer
1. Night Prayer from the Key of Heaven (Imprimatur 1924).
2. Evening Prayers from My Prayer Book, 1908.
3. Morning and Evening Sufferages (Lutheran).
4. Table of Psalms for morning and evening prayer. (Lutheran)
5. Prayers before Sleep.
6. Devotions for Evening.
7. Family Prayer.
John Cardinal Newman's Eight Day Meditation
A brief description of centering prayer as a way to contemplate.
Pray as the Master Taught
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Name of Jesus as Prayer
Contemplation and Lectio Divina
What is a retreat?
Praying with Scripture
Start a Prayer Chain
St. Ignatius of Loyola on rhythmic prayer and one word at a time.

The Stations of the Cross - A way of walking with Jesus through the trial and crucifixion.

1. Cardinal Newman's Shorter stations.
2. Cardinal Newman's longer stations.
3. Stations by F.X. Lasance.
4. Rutter's 1875 Stations.
Sabat Mater -- Description of the Stations of the Cross.
Via Crucis, The Way of the Cross

Key of Heaven Stations with Black and White graphics, no frames, or just view the graphics.

Meditation - Thoughts in verse. Poetry.

Specific Prayers

A Universal Prayer by Pope Clement XI, A.D. 1721
Invocations - short prayers for use anytime.
The Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus.
Litany of the Passion
Prayer when death comes.
Prayer in Honor of the Savior
Prayer for Travelers
Prayer of Clement, Bishop of Rome
Prayer for the new Millennium
The Prayer of St. John Gabriel
A personal Prayer
Devotions to Angels
Act of Contrition
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Prayer Before Confession
Prayer for Priests - Prayer for faithfulness to religion.
Prayer to obtain final perseverance
Various useful Catholic prayers and more Various Prayers from 1896.
Prayers for Peace
Prayer before and after reading scripture.
By Cardinal Newman.
8 day meditation
I have a Mission.
Prayer for the Light of Truth
Prayer for a Happy Death
Prayer for Refugees
Prayer during a storm
From other Christian traditions:
Prayers for various needs from the Lutheran Church
Lutheran Prayers for Holy Week
Anglican Prayers for the Sick

A Lay person's Ritual:

A Blessing of Anything (for lay people)
A Blessing of People
A Blessing of Families
A Blessing of Houses
Prayer when visiting the Sick
Prayer when visiting the Dying
Prayer when death is near.
A Burial Service for Adults
Baptism for the Dying
Viaticum - the Last Sacrament

Litany for the Dying.


Art & Symbolism
Catholic Tradition and Teaching on Religious Art.
Sacred Images
Christian Symbolism
Papal Symbolism

 Art as a source of Christian Meditation. The index page to an examination of what fine art can say about faith and how it can provide food for thought.

Christ the Judge with Mary his mother. Michelangelo's Last Judgment.
The Saint's in Michelangelo's Last Judgment
The Damned in Michelangelo's Last Judgment
The Angel's Trumpet at the Last Judgment
Fall and expulsion from Eden. From Michelangelo's ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
The Defeat of Evil. Raphael's St. George defeating the dragon.
The Church, as the boat of Peter, struggles in its mission, while riding a hostile sea: Turner's Fishermen.
Giotto's St. Francis Preaches to the Birds with text on the painting, material on Francis's life and the legend of Francis's Preaching to the Birds.
Rembrandt: Three Trees, and Crucifixion.
Old Woman Praying, Nicolaes Maes. Giving thanks in all circumstances.
The Face of God. Symbols and Images of God the Father.
The Face of Christ. The Human face of Divinity. How Christ has been portrayed in art.
Earliest Images of Christ
Symbols for the name of Christ
The name of Power, the name of God, the name of Jesus
Emblems of the Savior

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain D.D., S.T.L.

He was the diocesan administrator for the Diocese of Memphis from Sept. 9, 1992 to May 5, 1993 while the See of Memphis was vacant.

Pope John Paul II appointed Archbishop Sartain bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, Ark., on January 4, 2000. He was ordained on March 6, 2000 and took as his episcopal motto: “Of You My Heart Has Spoken” (Psalm 27:8). He was appointed bishop of Joliet, Ill., by Pope Benedict XVI on May 16, 2006 and was installed on June 27.

Installed Archbishop of Seattle on Dec. 1, 2010 at St. James Cathedral.

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