To view the bible text of a prarable, pick one from the list and click on the chapter and verse link. The text of the parable in each listed gospel will appear in this frame from the Bible Gateway in the NIV. (Previously we linked to the RSV, Revised Standard Version. This version is often considered to be very accurate, very literal. It was recommended by Rev. Ray Brown, a foremost American Catholic biblical scholar. However they have temporarily removed the RSV from the Gateway.)

If you wish to look at the parable in one of the other translations offered by the Bible Gateway, click on the translation at the top of this frame. If English is difficult for you, look at the WE version. It is designed to be easier to understand. Other languages are available. Go to the top of the page and click on the appropriate language. (Latin might be fun for traditional Catholics.)

If there is a link to the NAB, the New American Bible, in the parable list, it will take you to one gospel reference. The chapter will apprear here and you will need to scroll down to the apropriate verse.


To view the list of parables without frames, click here.