General Prayer for the Sick.


ALMIGHTY GOD, and Heavenly Father, whose providence orders all things both in heaven and earth; we humble ourselves before Thee with the deepest reverence; acknowledging that even in your severest dispensations you have gracious designs towards us. We beseech Thee to look down in Your wonted goodness and mercy upon this Your servant, upon whom You have laid your afflicting hand. Sanctify Your fatherly correction to him (or her), and grant that he may receive it with meekness and bear it with patience. Suffer him not, O Lord, to murmur or repine at the severity of his trials; but let all Your visitations be so blessed to him, by the consolations of Your Holy Spirit, that they may be the means of weaning him more and more from the world of sin, of setting his affections on things above, and not on things on the earth, and of bringing him nearer to Thee in true devotion of heart. We know, O Heavenly Father, that You do not willingly afflict and grieve the children of men; and that of Your goodness You have caused this sickness to befall Your servant [or have allowed it]. O grant him such a measure of Your grace, as may enable him cheerfully to submit his will to Yours, and to regard this visitation as a paternal chastisement from You, to promote his spiritual good. And if, in the days of health and prosperity, he has at any time and in any manner forgotten You, and turned aside from Your holy way; O merciful God, let not his past faults provoke You to turn Your face from him, now that he flies unto You in this his time of trouble. Shut not up Your tender mercies in displeasure, but for the merits of Your dear Son, and through His all-prevailing intercession, pardon all his sins, and restore him to Your love and favor. Support him, O Lord, under all his pains and infirmities; perfect his repentance; increase and strengthen his faith; incite his obedience; and expand his charity. [L]ay not more upon him than You wilt enable him to bear, and with the temptations that You permit to assail him, do You, according to Your promise, provide a way for his escape.

Bless the means which are being employed for his relief; and recovery; grant that they may be such, and so directed that they may bring about, in Your good time, that desirable result. But if You hast otherwise determined, grant, we beseech You, that the more the outward man decay, so much the more the inner man may be strengthened and renewed by Your Holy Spirit; and give him grace so to take Your visitation, that after this painful life is ended, he may dwell with You, in life everlasting, through the merits and mediation of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


A Prayer for one who is Dangerously Ill.


O LORD OUR GOD,we approach Your presence, who alone can succour* and save, beseeching you to look down in pity upon this Your servant, here lying in great weakness of body, under Your chastening hand. We know, O Lord, that with You are the issues of life and of death; that with You nothing is impossible; that if you will You can even yet raise him (or her) up, heal all his infirmities, and restore him to health. In entire submission to Your righteous will, we beg this mercy at Your hands. Spare him, O good Lord, and grant him a longer continuance among us. But whatever You have determined, let his soul be precious in Your sight. Give him true repentance for all the sins, ignorance, and negligence of his past life, and a lively faith in Jesus Christ. Wash his soul with the precious blood of Your dear Son, and sanctify it by and adorn it with the graces of Your Holy Spirit, that it may be cleansed from all its defilements, and be presented pure and blameless and without spot before You, in the great Day of Your power. Fit him, we pray You, for whatever in Your wise providence You hast appointed for him, whether life or death; that it may be unto him to live unto Christ, and if to die, that to die may be gain; and that in all things he may find cause to praise and glorify Your holy name. If You should be graciously pleased to raise him from his bed of languishing, grant that he may lead the residue of his life in Your fear and to Your glory. Or if You hast otherwise determined, prepare him for the hour of his departure; defend him from his spiritual enemies; finish all that is wanting in the work of his salvation; support and comfort him in his last agonies; make his end easy and peaceful; and fill him with an hope full of immortality. Finally, O Lord, receive him into the arms of Your unspeakable mercy, into the glorious state of Your saints in light, and give him a resurrection unto eternal life in Your heavenly kingdom. All which we ask, in the name, and through the merits and mediation of our Advocate and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.


*succour n : assistance in time of difficulty; "the contributions provided some relief for the victims" [syn: relief, succor, ministration] v : help in a difficult situation [syn: succor]


A Thanksgiving for the Beginning of a

Recovery from Sickness.


GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD, who bringest down to the grave, and bringest up again; we bless you for your great goodness, in having heard and answered our prayers, and in having turned our heaviness into joy, and mourning into gladness, by restoring this Your servant to some degree of his (or her) former health. Blessed be your name, that you did not forsake him in his sickness; but did visit him with comforts from above; did support him in patience and submission to Your will; and at last did send him seasonable relief. Inspire his soul with a grateful sense of Your mercy, and with an holy purpose to requite it, by giving himself up in all his future days, heartily to Your service. Perfect, we beseech You, Your gracious goodness towards him; prosper the means employed for his cure; that being restored to health of body, vigour of mind, and cheerfulness of spirit, he may be able to go to your house of prayer, to offer You an oblation with great gladness; and to bless Your holy name for all Your loving kindness and tender mercy towards him, through Jesus Christ onr Lord. Amen.


Bishop George Uppold, Manual of Devotions, D. Appleton and Co., 1863. From the Anglican/Episcopal tradition.

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