Devotion to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus
"When I was on pilgrimage in 1986 to the tomb of Margaret Mary, I asked, in the spirit of what has been handed down in the Church, that veneration of the Sacred Heart be faithfully restored. For it is in the Heart of Christ that the human heart learns to know the true and unique meaning of its life and destiny; it is in the Heart of Christ that the human heart receives its capacity to love." Pope JohnPaul II.
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"The Heart: The heart is the symbol for true love, charity, understanding, and piety; for happiness and joy as well as sorrow. It is recognized as the key organ of the human body, one that coordinates the intellect with the emotions. The emblem for devotions to the Sacred heart is a flaming heart, surmounted by a Cross and enclosed in the Crown of Thorns. As an attribute, the flaming heart generally suggests religious fervor, the pierced heart contrition and repentance."*

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9. Pope JohnPaul II, in his address on the canonizaion of St. Claude La Colombiere, S.J., said devotion to the Sacred Heart helps people avoid spiritual problems such as occurred since the Saint encoraged this devotion: "an impersonal conception of God will spread; individuals, moving away from a personal encounter with Christ and the source of grace, will want to be the sole masters of their history and to become a law unto themselves, to the point of being ruthless in pursuing their own ambitions."

"The message... accessible to the humble as well as to the great of this world, answers such aberrations by clarifying the relationship of the person to God: in conformity with the Church's Tradition, it turns his gaze toward the cross of the world's Redeemer."

The Pope further said that Catholics who are truly attached to the Sacred Heart will not "be seduced by forms of meditation which turn in on the self without welcoming the presence of the Lord … (and) conceptions of the sacred which only mask a tragic spiritual emptiness."


From the Catholic Encyclopedia

1. Sacred Heart of Jesus.

2. St. Margaret Mary

3. St. John Eudes canonized in 1925.

4. St. Claude La Colombiere, S.J.

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"The heart which Our Lord showed to St. Margaret Mary was 'like a furnace', she says. But it was also surmounted by a cross and encircled with thorns, because Christ met, for the most part, with only ingratitude and forgetfulness in return for all His love. 'If they rendered Me some return of love,' He said, 'I should esteem all that I had done for them as but little, and would do, if possible, still more for them.'" Rev. Henry Johnson, S.J., Devotion to The Sacred Heart.

 *Gertrude Grace Sill, A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art, Simon & Schuster (1975) p. 63. This definition is quoted for religious and educational purposes only.

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