Aspirations of Love to Jesus Christ




My Jesus, You alone are sufficient for me.

My love, do not permit me to separate myself from You. When shall I be able to say, "My God, I cannot lose You any more."




Lord, who am I, that You should desire so much to be loved by me?

And whom shall I love, if I love not You, my Jesus?

Here I am, Lord; dispose of me as You please.

Give me Your love; I ask nothing more.

Make me all Yours before I die.



Eternal Father, for the love of Jesus Christ have pity on me.

My God, I wish for You alone, and nothing more.




O my Jesus! would that I could be entirely spent for You, as You did spend Yourself entirely for me!

If I had died while I was in sin, I could no more have loved You; now that I can love You, I will love You as much as I can.

To You do I consecrate all the remainder of my life. I wish only, and I wish in all things, that which You desire.




You are omnipotent; make me a saint.

You have sought me while I was fleeing from You; You did love me when I despised Your love; abandon me not, now that I seek You and love You.

May I this day give myself wholly to You.



Send me any chastisement, but deprive me not of the power of loving You.

I thank You that You give me time to love You. I love You, my Jesus, I love You; and I hope to die repeating, "I love You, I love You."



I desire to love You without reserve, and to do all that I know to be pleasing to You.

I love Your good pleasure more than all the pleasures of the world.

I accept all the troubles that may happen to me, provided I love You, O my God. O my Jesus! that I could die for You, as You did die for me.




Oh that I could make all [people] love You as You deserve

O will of God, you are my love.

O God of love, give me love.




O Mary, draw me all to God.

O my Mother, make me always have recourse to you. It is for you to make me a saint. This is my hope.

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St. Alphonsus de Liguori, The Incarnation Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ, Rev Eugene Grimm Trans., Redemptorist Fathers Brooklyn Publishers (1927) pp. 434-436. Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hayes, 1927.

This material is presented for religious and educational purposes only. It appears as it is in the text of The Incarnation Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ except to replace archaic words and the word in brackets.

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