The Holy Way of the Cross.


The way of the cross, also known as the Stations of the Cross, are a way to pray and meditate on Christ's sacrifice for us. It is divided into fourteen stations from the time He was condemned to his burial. This devotion has been long encouraged by the church, and is especially useful during lent.

The way one usually would pray this devotion would be at church where 14 crosses or images would be displayed on the walls of the church. An individual would go from station to station, like someone would if they visited the actual sites in the Holy Land. If there was a group, the leader would go from station to station. However, one can pray this devotion without going to a place where the stations are displayed.

This version of the stations of the cross suggests that you first make an act of contrition.

An Act of Contrition.

 (To be said by the Priest, kneeling before the altar [if this is a public celebration of the Stations], and repeated by all present.)

 O JESUS, merciful Lord, because you art infinitely good, and full of compassion, we love you above all things, and we are sorry for having offended you. O Supreme Good, we offer you this holy pilgrimage in honor of that most sorrowful one which you did perform for us, unworthy sinners; we direct our intentions of gaining the holy indulgences, in the hope of obtaining your mercy in this life, and eternal glory in the next.

 (Here let each one form his intention for the application of the indulgences to be gained. The procession then moves to the first station.)

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