To Bring Christ's Peace to the World

GOD our Father,

your Word, Jesus Christ, spoke peace to a sinful world

and brought mankind the gift of reconciliation by the suffering and death he endured.

Teach us, the people who bear his name, to follow the example he gave us:

may our faith, hope, and charity

turn hatred to love, conflict to peace, death to eternal life.

[Each prayer would conclude with: We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.]


For Courage to Embrace the World

Father in heaven,

the love of your Son led him to accept the suffering of the cross

that his brothers might glory in new life.

Change our selfishness into self-giving.

Help us to embrace the world you have given us,

that we may transform the darkness of its pain into the life and joy of Easter.


For the Jewish People

ALMIGHTY and eternal God,

long ago you gave your promise to Abraham an his posterity.

Listen to your Church as we pray that the people you first made your own

may arrive at the fullness of redemption.


For Those Who Do Not Believe in Christ

ALMIGHTY and eternal God,

enable those who do not acknowledge Christ to find the truth

as they walk before you in sincerity of heart.

Help us to grow in love for one another,

to grasp more fully the mystery of your godhead,

and to become more perfect witnesses of your love in the sight of men.


For Those Who Do Not Believe in God

ALMIGHTY and eternal God,

you created mankind so that all might long to find you

and have peace when you are found.

Grant that, in spite of the hurtful things that stand in their way,

they may all recognize in the lives of Christians the tokens of your love and mercy,

and gladly acknowledge you as the one true God and Father of us all.


For those in Special Need

ALMIGHTY, ever-living God,

you give strength to the weary

and new courage to those who have lost heart.

Hear the prayers of all who call on you in any trouble

that they may have the joy of receiving your help in their need.


To Follow Christ Our Shepherd


GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

though your people walk in the valley of darkness, no evil should they fear;

for they follow in faith the call of the shepherd

whom you have sent for their hope and strength.

Attune our minds to the sound of his voice,

lead our steps in the path he has shown,

that we may know the strength of his outstretched arm

and enjoy the light of your presence for ever.


To Receive the Holy Spirit

FATHER of light, from whom every good gift comes,

send your Spirit into our lives with the power of a mighty wind,

and by the flame of your wisdom open the horizons of our minds.

Loosen our tongues to sing your praise in words beyond the power of speech,

for without your Spirit

man could never raise his voice in words of peace

or announce the truth that Jesus is Lord.


To God Who Brings Good Out of Evil

ALMIGHTY and ever-present Father,

your watchful care reaches from end to end

and orders all things in such power

that even the tensions and the tragedies of sin

cannot frustrate your loving plans.

Help us to embrace your will,

give us the strength to follow your call,

so that your truth may live in our hearts

and reflect peace to those who believe in your love.



For Openness to God

ALMIGHTY God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

faith in your word is the way to wisdom,

and to ponder your divine plan is to grow in the truth.

Open our eyes to your deeds, our ears to the sound of your call,

so that our every act may increase our sharing in the life you have offered us.



For Faith and Trust

GOD our Father,

teach us to cherish the gifts that surround us.

Increase our faith in you

and bring our trust to its promised fulfillment

in the joy of your kingdom.

For the Strength to Repent

FATHER in heaven, the light of Jesus

has scattered the darkness of hatred and sin. Called to that light

we ask for your guidance.

Form our lives in your truth, our hearts in your love.



For God's Continued Blessing


let the gift of your life continue to grow in us,

drawing us from death to faith.

Keep us alive in Christ Jesus.

Keep us watchful in prayer and true to his teaching

till your glory is revealed in us.

hope, and love.


To Recognize God's Presence in the World

GOD our Father,

open our eyes to see your hand at work

in the splendor of creation,

in the beauty of human life.

Touched by your hand our world is holy.

Help us to cherish the gifts that surround us,

to share your blessings with our brothers and sisters,

and to experience the joy of life in your presence.



To Overcome Prejudice

ALMIGHTY God, ever-loving Father,

your care extends beyond the boundaries of race and nation

to the hearts of all who live.

May the walls, which prejudice raises between us,

crumble beneath the shadow of your outstretched arm.


To Be Free from Fear

LORD our God,

you justice and mercy meet.

With unparalleled love you have saved us from death

and drawn us into the circle of your life.

Open our eyes to the wonders this life sets before us,

that we may serve you free from fear and address you as God our Father.



For Courage to Stand before God's Truth


ALMIGHTY and eternal God, Father of the world to come,

your goodness is beyond what our spirit can touch

and your strength is more than the mind can bear.

Lead us to seek beyond our reach

and give us the courage to stand before your truth.


For God's Continued Providence


FATHER in heaven,

the hand of your loving kindness

powerfully yet gently guides all the moments of our day.

Go before us in our pilgrimage of life,

anticipate our needs and prevent our falling.

Send your Spirit to unite us in faith,

that sharing in your service, we may rejoice in your presence.


For Faith in Discouragement

FATHER in heaven,

God of power and Lord of mercy,

from whose fullness we have received,

direct our steps in our everyday efforts.

May the changing moods of the human heart

and the limits which our failings impose on hope

never blind us to you, source of every good.

Faith gives us the promise of peace and makes known the demands of love.

Remove the selfishness that blurs the vision of faith.


To Bring Christ's Eucharistic Love to the World

LORD Jesus Christ,

We worship you living among us

in the sacrament of your body and blood.

May we offer to our Father in heaven a solemn pledge of undivided love.

May we offer to our brothers and sisters

a life poured out in loving service of that kingdom

where you live with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


For the Coming of Christ's Kingdom

FATHER all-powerful, God of love,

you have raised our Jesus Christ from death to life,

resplendent in glory as King of creation. Open our hearts,

free all the world to rejoice in his peace, to glory in his justice, to live in his love.

Bring all mankind together in Jesus Christ your Son,

whose kingdom is with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

These are prayers found in the Roman Sacramentary, quoted from The New St. Joseph People's Prayer Book, Rev. Francis Evans, Editor, published by Catholic Book Publishing Co. (1980) pp. 240-47. Imprimatur, Joseph T. O'Keefe, Vicar General, Archdiocese of New York.

The quoted material is only a small sample of the prayers in the Sacramentary or the Prayer Book. It would be worthwhile to anyone to obtain either a Missal, or the Prayer Book for their own personal use. This sample is quoted here for noncommercial educational and religious purposes only. No other use is intended or permitted. See the "Fair Use Doctrine" in 17 USC 107 of the United States Copyright Code.

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