Cascade Mountain Volcanoes that surround the parish including Mt. Rainier, Mt. St.Helens, and Mt. Adams with links, and photographs.

Last update: 1/2/2009

Mt. Rainier

More in parish photos of Rainier, by Roger J. Smith, including one with Mineral lake and two from within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest . (These are non-standard views.)

There is a live cam shot of Rainier with Puget Sound in the foreground, and a view of the mountain from the Paradise visitor's center.

A Space Shuttle image of the Parish ( actually the volcanoes that surround the parish).

There is a map of the park area with place names,; also see a radar image of Mt. Rainier, and a High Resolution, Low Altitude Aeromagnetic and Electromagnetic Survey of Mt Rainier

Mt. Rainier and reflection lake.

Mt. Rainier National Park photographs by RJS taken in May 1997.

Also vintage photos of Rainier from postcards, including a Curtis photo of a climb.

Photo of Mt. Rainier from Budd Inlet. This photo is at the Cascade Volcano information site.

John Donohue's National Park Photos of Mt. Rainier, and Mt. St. Helen's.

For detailed volcanic information on Rainier see the USGS main menu on Rainier. Especially interesting is the History and Hazards of Mr. Rainier.

The USGS also has photos of Mt. Rainier, and Photo Art by Loren Lane.

Look under Mt. Rainier in East Lewis County Recreation

St. Helens from Burley Mt.

Mt. St. Helens from Burley Mt. in the National Forest south of Randle. You can see some photos by the pastor of the road to Ryan Lake, or images along the 99 road to Windy Ridge.

The USGS page on Mt. St. Helens is a must see for volcanic information. See the USGS' descriptive information. These pages are hosted by the Cascades Volcano Observatory.

Be sure to look at Distant Images of St. Helens and Mount St. Helens Seismicity. Interesting too is the VanNatta photo of a secondary eruption. You can also see volcano world's Mt. St. Helen's page, and take a VR tour of the mountain, or see an aerial photo and get information on flying over the mountain. Finally, John Donohue has a set of photos of Mt. St. Helens.

Look Mt. St. Helens section in East Lewis County Recreation.


Now there is a live cam shot of the Mt. St. Helens.

(For a different way to look at a volcano see The Face of God.)

Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams from within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest during the summer of 1997. Click the image for more photos by Roger Smith.

There are other photos and info on Mt. Adams from Volcano World, and from the USGS. See their Mt. Adams, WA - Locale. Look at the Mt. Adams material in our East Lewis County Recreation page, and specific recreational information for our area that includes the volcanoes, such as climbing, hiking, biking, birding, etc.

On October 20, 1997, there was a very large Avalanche on Mt. Adams. The USGS has a very good photo and the seismic signals from this debris avalanche. You may find the earthquake hazards program interesting.

The above is a detail of a historic photo of Hood with Portland in the foreground.

There is a view of Mt. Hood at the Timberline skycam as part of the CascadeClimber web cam collection.

Mt. Hood is not in the parish but close to us. It is just south of the Columbia River and east of Portland. The USGS has good information and photos of Hood. Take a look at the USGS visit a volcano page.  Click here for the Mt. Hood National Forest.

If you get tired of looking at the Cascades, if Mt. Rainier seems like a bit bland, then check out cam views of Mt. Etna and other volcanoes.

For something different see antarctica or "other worlds", for example the Martian Volcanos, such as Olympus Mons.

Volcano Links

America's Volcanic past - Washington State

Cascade Volcanoes Information, Volcanoes.Com, The Electronic Volcano, The Earth's Active volcanoes, The Global Volcanism Program, North and Central American volcanoes, the Alaska Volcano Observatory, Nasa Vocanic Hot spots, The Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page, and especially Volcano World. The information and images from USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, and their main index, are extensive. The USGS is a very valuable source. See also their interactive map of Cascade Range Volcanoes. For a glossary of words used about volcanoes see volcano terminology, and a list of the world's volcanoes. Take a look at the links at Ray's Volcano zone.

Any area with volcanoes will also have earthquakes.

For more information on these events visit Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network at the University of Washington. Especially interesting is the Washington State Earthquake Hazards information, and latest earthquakes.

Earthquake and volcano preparedness is important in areas prone to these events, as is what to do when they occur.  A websit that has this information is The Home Owners Guide with information on all types of disasters. Thanks to Andrew for this suggestion.

Photographs and text  by Rev. Roger J. Smith, all rights reserved.

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